Origin of fruits

Our fruits are natural and come from Russia, Finland, Estonia and other Scandinavian countries.

The use of berries

They can be eaten alone or loaded or made into cake, dumplings, buns, cakes, etc.

Health benefits

They improve immunity and act preventively and curatively against infections, prolong life.

Our offer

Freezing the berries is an effective way to preserve their useful properties and taste, which you can enjoy during the autumn, winter and spring. They can be used to make cocktails, cakes, drinks and sauces. You can consume them in raw form-they still retain their taste qualities.
Fresh berries frozen by IQF technology (individual rapid freezing) retain useful and taste qualities. This is very important, because it is possible to significantly increase the shelf life without losing quality.

European blueberry is a high-value berry plant. Its berries are ripe by July-August. Its dark blue berries have pleasant sweet taste. Our products are rich in antioxidants. The colourant found in European blueberry is a pH indicator.

Strawberries are grown for industrial purposes, as well as an ornamental plant in gardens. Berries can be eaten straight from the bush picking, as well as the consumption of processed or frozen form.

Lingonberries are naturally rich benzoic acid, which gives the berries long durability. Lingonberries – are very popular berries used for jams, making jelly and compotes, bakery products, juices even serving meat dishes.

About us

Our company is specialized in storage and processing of the berries and fruits.
We are s supplier and the foremost wholesaler of wild frozen berries in Czech Republic.
The company employs have long-term experience in this field.
Our highly qualified staff are full of experience and have devoted themselves to the industries including global logistics for over ten years.
Our wide network of partners is locating in Estonia, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Italy and China.
Customers satisfaction is very important for our team and we are dedicated to offer the best service.
Our main customers are in the food – and the pharmaceutical industries.

  • Specialization

    Our specialty is processing and storage, natural berries and fruits.

  • Professional staff

    The company employs specialists with many years of experience in the field of berries.

  • Our customers

    Our main customers are the food and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Main accents of our activity

    All emphasis is placed on preserving the Berry’s unique properties, preserving nutritional values, its natural taste and color.

  • Latest technology

    Modern technologies allow to save up to 80% of useful substances using the method of deep freezing and storage of wild plants.

  • Emphasis on freshness

    Fresh wild and garden berries frozen technology IQF (individual quick freezing) retain the useful and taste properties.

  • Most common use

    Not only for the food and beverage industry, but also for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries.