Cloudberry – wild growing forest berry
Flowers bloom in June/July and the berries are ripe in July/August.
Cloudberries are rich in C vitamins.

  • Cloudberries are grow around inaccessible swamps which contribute to its exclusivity.
  • The plant itself can handle a temperature span 40°C – +30°C, but not the flowers, which are very sensitive to low temperature.
  • No Berries will develop if the flower is damaged by frost during blooming period
  • The flowers sensitivity is the reason to the uneven harvest quantity each year.
  • Cloudberries – are used for jams, making compotes, juices and liquors, served with meat dishes and deserts or used in ice-cream, etc.
  • We supply hand-picked and IQF fresh frozen wild cloudberry
  • The berries are packaged as required by our clients.
  • Most of the EuroBerries products are shipped to the food industries as a frozen berries.
  • We deliver berries worldwide.

Cloudberry (Rubus chamaemorus)
Cloudberry grows in the numerous bogs of Estonia. The berries are considered to be the most valuable wild berries. Cloudberries are used for producing jam, liqueur and compote. Berries preserve finely in weak sugar solution or even in water. The Nordic peoples have used cloudberries already for a long time to cure scurvy, diarrhea and due to their strong antibacterial qualities the berries have been placed on wounds.