Strawberries are grown for industrial purposes, as well as an ornamental plant in gardens.
Flowers bloom in May / June, fruits ripen in June / July
Berries can be eaten straight from the bush picking, as well as the consumption of processed or frozen form.

  • Berries used in jams, syrup, juice, liquor, confectionery, etc. manufacture.
  • Strawberry is beneficial to health, including a wealth of nutrients, minerals, vitamins and amino acids.
  • Our berries come from Russia, Finland and Estonia.
  • We offer a “Fragaria x ananassa e. Strawberries.
  • All of our berries are picked by hand and cleaned and frozen for later handling.
  • Our production is packed according to customer requirements.
  • Most of the EuroBerries products are shipped to the food industries as frozen berries.
  • We deliver berries worldwide.